Obtaining permits for foreigners in Russian Federation

Foreigners that come to the Russian Federation for purpose of visiting, negotiating, or working require permits that allow the individual to enter and stay in Russia. Our customers are people who want to avoid any problems with the law and have everything done quickly.
We are lawyers in migration legislation
All routine will be done for you
You don't have to delve into the intricacies of migration legislation
  • Our manager is your personal expert in migration legislation
    He will be always informed about your current situation and will provide advice that is beneficial for you. The manager will inform you how to obtain the document that you need.
  • Receive a notification when your documents are ready. Any other information that you require is available
    You will be notified about the correctness of your documents about the dates of submitting or receiving your completed paperwork during one business day. It's convenient.
  • The customer's profile will be completed under requirements of 152-ФЗ and GDPR
    It allows us to quickly fill out the application to the government agencies and to continuously monitor the dates of authorization documents.
Best Selling Services
For the expected outcome
  • 1
    Order and pay for selected service
    We will call you back to clarify additional details. Be prepared to inform us about what citizenship the individual has
  • 2
    Collect all documents according to the list
    After the phone call, we will send you a list of documents based on which we will fill out the forms
  • 3
    Sign and send us your paperwork for submission
    For submission on the next business day, give us the package of documents no later than 4 p.m. the day before
The migration legislation has many nuances. We tried to explain you the most important details. You can try to figure out your current situation yourself. Here you can also discover samples of the documents or find the answer to your question. Also visit our site
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